CAMSENS provides automated measuring instruments for the precise determination and differentiation of microscopic particles in gases and liquids.

Adresse: University of Bremen – IMSAS | Otto-Hahn-Allee 1, Room S4160 | D-28359 Bremen

Year founded: 2020
Number of employees: 6
Financing/Partnering: We are looking for

  • Evaluation partners
  • Pilot customers

Business Concept
We help industrial companies to detect dangerous particle contaminations with our high precision particle measurement systems.

High precision particle measurement systems

  • In contrast to conventional particle counters, our system works with an image based measuring method
  • Particles can be distinguished on the basis of various optical properties such as shape, size, structure, colour or fluorescence
  • State-of-the-art deep learning algorithms are used for particle identification

Market Potential:
approx. 20 Mio. EUR

2017: 3rd place in the campus ideas competition, Bremen
2019: 1st Investment “EXIST research transfer” by Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
2020: Release of the first Prototype
Summer 2020: Founding of camsens GmbH

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