neXcube – a coherent documentation chain in which processes are controlled, regulated and logged

Adresse: Fachbereich 7 – Bioprozesstechnik
Gründerprojekt „neXcube“ | Bernburger Straße 55 | 06366 Köthen

Indication: lab 4.0, devices, labbook, management, repowering, resilience, mobile app, wireless connection, datastorage, cloud
Number of employees: 3
Financing/Partnering: Hochschule Anhalt

wireless connection of your devices, documentation via mobil app, datastorage via cloud, hard- & softwareprotection, regardless of manufacturer, repowering, resilience

Business Concept
The neXcube founding team offers a control platform for Laboratory 4.0. In the laboratory of tomorrow, you no longer need to write, print and arrange data by yourself, because accruing data will automatically recorded and saved. With a secured account management system, authorized users have access to their work processes regardless of location and the possibility to document their observations with a digital laboratory book. Without a loss of flexibility and quality, the user saves more time for other tasks and process monitoring is raised to a new level.

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