Israeli Economic and Trade Mission Munich

The Israeli Economic and Trade Mission Munich, is based within the premises of the Israeli Consulate General. The Head of the Economic and Trade Mission is Mr. Doron Hemo.

One of the daily tasks of the Israeli Economic and Trade Mission Munich is to deepen already existing Economic Relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and the State of Israel and to generate new business relations between the two states. In order to achieve these goals, they are participating on almost all leading fairs (Flagship Events) worldwide with a so called “Israeli National Pavilion” and are executing on a regular base business delegations over the branches from Germany to Israel and vice versa.

The team, consisting of experienced and well networked speakers of the economic department with an extensive network supports German companies among others in the following activities:

• Scouting of technology and product companies across industries in Israel,
• Providing Information about fairs and exhibitions in Israel and internationally,
• Executing Tailor Made Pre-scheduled B2B Meetings,
• Establishment of links with state and academic institutions in Israel,
• Organization of delegations to Israel, as well as Israeli delegation visits to Germany,
• Participation in roundtable talks in Germany and Israel,
• participation in German, Israeli and international conferences,
• Participation in German, Israeli and international panel discussions,
• Keynotes Speaker Industry-wide,
• Initiation and application of new and existing international trade agreements,
• Encourage investment and start or form strategic partnerships

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