„The economic climate in Germany is favorable for investing“

Hillel Zidel, Leiter des Londoner Büros von Kennet Partners.

VC Magazin: What convinced Kennet to invest in Trademob?

Zidel: We were excited about the team – it is very entrepreneurial and what they have achieved is impressive. They have a great vision for the business in this rapidly growing market. We think the technology platform they developed is unique and enables them to deliver strong performance to their clients. Trademob is one of a few businesses in this category that has reached a good level of scale. Finally, Trademob is a good example of a founder led, capital-efficient company which we really like. They have achieved a lot without using very much external capital.

VC Magazin: What are the next milestones you want to reach with Trademob?

Zidel: The key-milestones are to replicate the company’s achievements in Germany throughout Europe and the US. The focus is on continuing to hire people across Europe and the US in order to expand the business and make Trademob the global leader in this category. The goal is to do this within the next 18 months. We expect significant revenues from these markets.

VC Magazin: With Mr. Elias and Mr. Zidel two Kennet officials have joined Trademob’s board of directors. How actively is Kennet involved in the day-to-day-business of their companies?

Zidel: We are active investors. Trademob’s management, Alex, Ravi and Florian, are experts in the field of app-marketing and it is our job to help them significantly increase the size of the business. We typically help with bringing the best people to support the team, particularly outside of Germany, connecting them to strategic partners and we help with the commercial strategy, to create a high value outcome.

VC Magazin: What are the main reasons for an international investor to invest in a German based company?

Zidel: We have been active investors in German businesses for quite a while. We are investors in Spreadshirt and Recommind (which started in Germany and is now headquartered in the US). The German market is known for having high quality companies, good technology and a strong philosophy around management and leadership. Additionally, the current economic climate in Germany is quite favorable for investing.

VC Magazin: The Berlin start-up community has rapidly grown over the last few years. How do you see Berlin’s potential as the European start-up capital?

Zidel: I am very excited about Berlin. There are so many entrepreneurs and small tech-companies. A good number of people have successfully sold companies and are now helping to mentor and advise smaller businesses as they grow. Furthermore Berlin has become a very exciting place to live. So it is one of the most interesting start-up capitals in Europe – along with London. Berlin might become more important for smaller companies because costs are low relative to other European cities.


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Zum Gesprächspartner:

Hillel Zidel ist Leiter des Londoner Büros von Kennet Partners und verantwortet die Investitionen in den Bereichen Internet, Mobile und Software. Vor seiner Zeit bei Kennet Partners war er Geschäftsführer bei ETV Capital, Management Consultant bei KPMG und bei zwei Internet-Unternehmen beschäftigt.