Belgium: Building Companies for Europe

esi: Who are you, what do you do and what makes you an expert on your start-upcountry?
Matthieu: My name is Matthieu Vaxelaire and I am working at eFounders, a start-up studio that builds companies. We target SMBs with SaaS solutions. eFounders has already launched four fast growing start-ups and we keep on launching two start-ups per year.

esi: What is cool about your start-upcountry, what inspires you and keeps you thriving?
Matthieu: Even though eFounders is a Belgian company, most of our start-ups are based in Paris. However, we really appreciate Brussels as the start-up scene is growing fast and there are plenty of talented entrepreneurs.

esi: What makes you shake your head about your start-upcountry, what needs to be improved?
Matthieu: Sometimes I wish Belgians investors would take on more risk and fund more Belgians start-ups.

esi: Thank you for the interview.


About the interviewpartner:
Matthieu Vaxelaire started his own company before joingin eFounders.