Spain: The crisis is a positive thing for entrepreneurship

esi: Who are you, what do you do and what makes you an expert on your start-upcountry?
Francesc: I am Francesc Hinojosa, founder’s, an online reporting platform specializing in innovative technology projects and is used by all stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Spain to promote their projects, businesses and initiatives.

esi: What is cool about your start-upcountry, what inspires you and keeps you thriving?
Francesc: Currently, Spain is experiencing a deep crisis that is bringing a very positive thing: People are discovering what entrepreneurship is all about. Thanks to this fact, the society gradually becomes aware that people need to support entrepreneurs and their start-ups. Today, a Spanish entrepreneur knows where to go to ask and receive advice for his idea.

esi: What makes you shake your head about your start-upcountry, what needs to be improved?
Francesc: The main problems in Spain are bureaucratic hurdles to starting a company, apart from the lack of entrepreneurial mindset. Due to the current crisis, this last problem is starting to change slowly but the bureaucratic hurdles are a great burden that entrepreneurs often must endure. As an example, the great government’s election promise “The law of the entrepreneur”, is now pending since nearly two years.

esi: What’s some cool fact we are likely not to know about your start-upcountry?
Francesc: I do not recall any recent event in particular, what I can say is that there is growing entrepreneurial spirit and cooperation among start-ups. Proof of this, in August and on the beach in Barcelona, it was held the first beach volleyball tournament between start-ups.

esi: Thank you for the interview.

Francesc Hinojosa

About the interviewpartner:
Francesc Hinojosa follows the uprise of Barcelona’s start-up scene closely.